Recommendation from Professor Lu:

As a college mathematics professor who teaches calculus and advanced math courses, I always expect my students have a solid math background. In order to gain a strong math background, students must exercise their diligence in early years. I don't think that it is too early to start in the 4th or 5th grade.

I am thrilled to see my graduate school colleague designing this web site. It offers students a thorough training. Many online math websites organize the problems by skills only. Unlike them, My Math Works organizes the problems in two ways, both as skill sets, and as full tests. As a mathematician, I favor this way. Before the final exams, my students always ask "Professor, could you order your final problems in time order or chapter order?" My answer is always "No." In a lot of cases, students can solve the problem if they can recognize the type. If the problems are sorted by skill type, students can often do them because many similar problems are put together. The problem is that the student may not understand truly the concept or skill, or be able to apply it in a different context. In previous years, my older son studied mathematics in the Kumon program. At first, it seemed good, but as time went on, I found that he could do the problems day by day because they were ordered by types. If I mixed them together, he could not do all of them. This website avoids the problem: students have the choice to do mixed problems or problems in skill sets when training in a particular skill is necessary.

The designer of My Math Works is a mathematically gifted person and a dedicated dad. He had a strict mathematics training while he was young in China, and he holds two masters degree from The Ohio State University, one in Mathematics, the other in computer science. He enjoys math education, and is a talented programmer. He spent a tremendous amount of time researching standard test problems and adding his own cool ideas. With his skills and a lot of hard work, the designer helped to improve his daughter’s math scores from "B" to "A".

This is a user friendly website, and I strongly recommend it to you. My younger son is currently using it to hone his math skills, and I only wish that it existed five years ago so that my older son could have benefited from it too!

Qin Lu, Professor of Mathematics at Lafayette College and graduate colleague of My Math Works creator