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If you are a student who loves our service, but you are still a trial member, you should sign in first and then click on the Commit link on the top right corner, which will take you to a page where you could pay the incredibly inexpensive membership fee through the safe and convenient PayPal system. A couple of days after your payment through PayPal is received, we will promote you to a committed member and you will be able to enjoy our service fully.

If you are a student who loves our service, and you are already a committed member, you could earn a prize of your own choice for every four referrals.

This is how the referral program works:

Step 1 : After your friends signed up with us and before they become Committed members, you must submit their registered email addresses on the My Friends page (you can refer one friend at a time since we will keep track of your referrals).

Step 2 : After your friends become Committed members, they also need to go to the My Friends page to confirm your referral.

Step 3 : As soon as you have four confirmed referrals, you will receive a notification email from us. Then you can Contact Us about what item you want from your favorite online store.

Step 4 : We will order it and have it shipped to your address(please include it when you contact us). We reserve the right to ask you to change the item if we don't think the item you want is appropriate for your age. The total cost including sales tax and shipping must not exceed the amount you paid.

If you are a teacher who loves our service, but you are still a trial member, you should have your status changed to "teacher", free of charge. All you need is three committed members' email addresses. With a "teacher" status, you can create classes for you students to join, create tests and exercises for them to practice, and measure the whole class or individual student's progress.