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  1. Drag the two lines labeled PQ and ST so that it looks like the picture in your mind.
  2. If the line you are dragging becomes red, it means that line is vertical. If the line you are dragging becomes green, it means that line bisects the angle in which it lies in. They are considered to be known conditions.
  3. Type the known angles in the known input box.
  4. Type the angles you need to find out in the Q input box.
  5. Right click on the label of a point to change that label.
  6. Drag the label of a point to anywhere you would like it to be.
  7. Click the "Help" button to see each step when solving your problem.
  8. Type your answer to questions asked by the applet when solving your problem. Just click the "Help" button if you do not want to answer those questions.
  9. If you want to type something on the help panel after losing focus on them, move the mouse onto the help panel before typing.
  10. Click the "Start Over" button to start over.


Agape Way

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