Why Math?

Math is extremely important. Math is used in just about every job, and in day to day life. Most importantly, math helps the mind to form clear and logical thoughts. Once a student has a clear understanding of math, they will be able to think logically and clearly to solve complicated problems that may not have anything to do with math. Being skilled at math will reap many rewards.

About My Math Works

My Math Works is an online math program that helps students improve their math skills. When it was first released onto the web in 2011, My Math Works was only designed for 4th to 6th graders, but more grades will be added in the future. My Math Works was originally created by a father who was trying to help his daughter do better in school. Her grade improved from a "B" to an "A". Later, the father decided to give other students this same opportunity to improve their math skills. My Math Works was started by someone who has a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University.

Why My Math Works? Recommendation by a Math Professor

Use of My Math Works

There are over two thousand exercises already, and more are still being created. Registration for My Math Works is free. After registering, you will be able to try 50 problems free of charge. Or you could just sign into our demo account using email address 'demo@mymathworks.com' with password 'demodemo' to get a glimpse. If you are satisfied, you are encouraged to purchase the whole program. There is no monthly or annual membership; My Math Works has a "pay once, and have lifetime membership" pricing model. The current sale price for My Math Works is only $9.99 USD. You will have access to all the current problems, and all the problems that get developed as time goes on.

A Message for Teachers:

We provide FREE services to teachers who have at least three students with a committed account with us. If you are a home school teacher(contact us and let us know), you need to have only one student with a committed account with us. After you sign up as a teacher, you can create an exercise or a test for your class to practice. Every exercise and test will be automatically graded for you and statistics of the whole class will be available to you.

A Message for Parents:

All you need to do is to have the web site assign a few problems for your kids to solve. After they finish the problems, each answer is automatically checked and an explanation is provided for each problem. Now you could ask them to retry the questions that they did wrong on their first try. Then you only need to focus on helping them with the questions they did wrong on both tries. Since each problem is aligned with one or more skills laid out by state math standards, statistics will be available for you to find out which skills your kids need to improve on.

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